The TW Steel Brand

TW Steel Watches

TW Steel’s CEO Jordy Cobelens is known as a fearless entrepreneur.  He is the commercial force driving the TW Steel brand. He has a passionate belief in the product, an infectious enthusiasm for connecting and growing the TW Steel network across the globe.

Cobelens is a born go-getter by nature.  While still at school a young Cobelens was successfully building his first sales network at the age 14 years old.

Today the 2011 Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year is on a mission to sell watches that enrich people’s lives. Believing a great watch is a compliment, his vision for TW Steel is to deliver above the value of the watch and bring affordable products with attitude that offer a great experience to the wearer.

Jordy's father Ton Cobelens is the creative mastermind behind the TW Steel brand.  He has been personally responsible for the visualisation of the TW Steel style from day one. Ton ran his own advertising agencies for over 20 years, handling global watch accounts, giving him the perfect experience to bring the bold watches to the market. 

Finding creative input from multiple sources, Ton is able to conceptualise a new watches in his mind before working with TW Steel’s design team to bring the concept into reality.

Pride in the brand and a unique feeling of family closeness and harmony starts here at the source. It then spreads throughout the company and further across the world adding strength and confidence to the TW Steel network.

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