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    20 products

    The Australian climate is perfect for showing off your ankles, wearing sandles and the perfect jewellery addition is this season's anklets.  Whether you choose to wear a single anklet, or stack multiple anklets to create an ankle party, anklets are a unique accessory that add a sparkle to everything from your every outfit or glamorous style.

    Women have worn anklets as early as 6,000 B.C.-3100 B.C.  Babylonian women from Ancient Egypt wore anklets made from precious stones and metals found in nature.  They wore them to symbolise social status. Slaves wore leather anklets, while affluent brides and wives flaunted lavish anklets made of precious metals and gemstones.

    Today, anklets are attracting everyone from brides to boho beach goers.  The Jewellery Boutique has a great selection of Anklets in Gold and Silver or an adjustable rope anklet by Thomas Sabo.